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England 1868, Lord George Joestar, an English nobleman has just had an accident in a horse-drawn carriage, the only survivors are his son and himself. He came back to him some time after the accident and thanked the man who was near him, Dario Brando. An unscrupulous alcohol-loving man who was about to steal the Lord. 12 years later, Dario dies and sends his son Dio to live with the Joestars. There lives the Lord's son, Jonathan Joestar, nicknamed Jojo, dreaming of becoming a real gentleman. Jojo leads a good life and every day is calm and peaceful for him. Only the arrival of Dio will turn everything upside down. Dio wants to take Jojo's place and will do everything to morally annihilate him and become the heir to the Joestar fortune. Their fate will both be all the more linked with a strange Aztec mask with mysterious abilities ...