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Original Title: Joséphine, Guardian Angel
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TF1
Creators: Laurent Chouchan,Michel Lengliney,Philippe Niang
Description: The vicissitudes of life can be so unpredictable that sometimes do not know what to expect around the next turn it. The protagonist is not devoid of romance masterwork - a true Englishman. True, because of his character deliberately highlighted all of the outstanding features of aristocratic Britain: stiffness, a fair amount of self-restraint, and even coldness, a tendency to philosophical speculation, and we must recognize the superior intellect. And there's this young man a remarkable fear - fear relationships with the opposite sex. It literally starts to panic when there is the slightest prospect of starting a novel, or to build long-term relationships. But one day he meets a young and charming lady who is momentary hero gets straight to the heart. Yes, that's bad luck, it turns out to be a married lady, and it looks like this turn of events the first upset of the hero. But fate, as we know, is insidious. From now on, the young people began to collide with each other, and it is noteworthy that this occurred at weddings. The marriage of the heroine is a serious obstacle, and in desperation the guy decides to marry someone else, though such a move in his plans not included. Literally at the last moment, the hero discovers that the girl who won his heart, already free, since left her husband. But it is not too late to change anything? Perhaps if their joint happiness?

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