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Original Title: Joséphine, Guardian Angel
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TF1
Creators: Laurent Chouchan,Michel Lengliney,Philippe Niang
Description: The final episode of the television series over the previous very sad: the protagonists quarreled and now hardly speak. The plot of the first series of the fifth season of "Gilmore Girls" series begins with their next quarrel. After that, all dumbfounded Emily Gilmore - mother Lorelai-elder and grandmother of Rory. She's female relatives announced that they decided to part with Richard and then, indeed, throws it. Wanting "on all cylinders" to use the new-found freedom, she is going to go to Europe and calls with a granddaughter. They leave "Hellou Stars" and leave for a European vacation. Meanwhile, the elder Loreley begins close contact with Luke Deynson with which it linked the relationship of eight years ago. Inviting a woman on a date, he announces his current plans - to make peace with her again to try to build their love. Will it have it something with this man?

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