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Alistair Griffin throughout the district became famous as a scientist and researcher, able to take any risks to meet their own interests. And the natural result was a tragedy that threatens to destroy all of humanity.The scientist managed to lift the veil of secrecy over the existence of parallel worlds and other realities inhabited by fantastic futuristic creatures. And it is not surprising that some of them managed to penetrate the human world. More recently, Griffin's laboratory was calm, but from the building to freedom rushed terrible creatures, and behind them – a few brave heroes, accompanied by a dog-robot named K9.Brave travelers will have to catch all the monsters that escaped from the laboratory until they made noise around the world. They have to challenge the robots-police, who are on guard of another world, which is ruled by the dictatorship. Any person the police doubt is subject to immediate arrest, but such rule has come to an end! Brave K9 with loyal friends will protect the home world and bring order to the rest of the people were able to breathe easy.

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