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Original Title: Kampen for tilværelsen
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NRK1
Creators: Erlend Loe,Per Schreiner,Bjørn Olaf Johannessen
Description: Before us is a kind of farewell to the author of the series with the fans - this season a total of 6 pieces. The first two series of re-tell the story of Effie adult Stoney, who was the main character of the third season of "Skins". The following series of new parties to disclose the nature of the other girls - Cassie Ainsworth. Prior to that, we saw that the girl was suffering from the problems with the figure and from psychological disorders that developed on the background of the birth of the parents of a new baby. But the true reasons why Cassie was in such bad condition, had hidden all this time and talk about them just now, in the final of the series. Recent series tells the story of James Cook, who also appeared on screen in the last season. We learn that matured James became a drug dealer, in love with a girl of his boss - a dangerous mobsters. Each of his meeting with the beloved is actually dance on a knife-edge. In the end, everything is developing the worst scenario - crime boss finds out about the intimate connection slave and lover and going to kill them.

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