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Original Title: Key & Peele
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Comedy Central
Creators: Keegan-Michael Key
Language: English
Description: No matter how many years the history of this family continued, the interest of the audience to it will not weaken! The authors of the serial cartoon in an acute satirical form reflect the style of American life, exposing in a funny way the most pressing problems. Griffins-Americans, so all the events of modern life of the country directly relate to them. They have to deal with political and psychological problems, and since the family is multifaceted and balanced, and each member is able to find a solution to urgent problems. However, in their world do not always apply the usual laws, because the problems Here are solved sometimes the most unusual way.What awaits the characters in the new family Guy season 16 to download? Mono no doubt that the adventure will not be less, and since each season the plot is only gaining momentum, you can count on something enchanting. The biggest difficulties, as always, will create the family members themselves. Children grow up, their interests change. Peter and Lois decide that Chris should think about the job, but the son grew up selfish and a snob, so the idea of him not under the shower. Parents decide to show him an example and start their own business, which required considerable investment. And here is the baby Stewie, on the contrary, with the filing of the Brian decides to create a musical group! And that's just the events of the first series. About the rest of the events in the well-known family viewers will learn from further series.

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