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Original Title: Killing Fields
  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Documentary
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: 250 years ago, Ichabod crane fought alongside George Washington for the independence of the North American States. During one of the battles he managed to defeat the strongest enemy – a rider wielding an ax. Ichabod cut off the enemy's head, but he was smitten. In our days, the crane woke up from a coma in a small, picturesque American town. Soon in Sleepy hollow is starting to happen, a sinister murder. It turns out that these crimes are echoes of the war of independence.nnIchabod learns that during the battle with the horseman, their blood mingled. In our days, the dark forces have revived this messenger of the Apocalypse, in order to provoke the end of the world. With a deadly foe, rose up and Sam crane. Now he will have to re-find and finally kill the headless horseman. Save the world and unravel the mysteries of the founding fathers. To help the alien from the past will be Lieutenant of the local police Abby mills.nnThe creators of "Sleepy hollow" only pushed from the legendary story of Irving. From the original was taken only a place of action, the name of the main character and the image of a sinister antagonist. The series attracts the fact that the new story is told with great humour. Indeed, if this thrash was presented with a serious face, it would be impossible to watch.

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