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A political thriller from writer Devil's Advocate and Armageddon. The film revolves around a journalist who has behind him a lot of experience (Russell Crowe) and the secretary of the murder investigation of a congressman, which in turn is a longtime friend of the hero of Russell Crowe. With the help of clues and evidence, the hero of the film dokapyvayas to the truth, while he unknowingly exposes influential people in the preparation of plots against his own state. Monetary machinations, assassinations of important government officials - for their everyday business. People who own billions, do not like that someone is interfering in their affairs, because it threatens their security, and the entire case. The journalist becomes objectionable to many influential people, and they are trying to get rid of it, but who can stop a person who does not fight for the sake of its own interests, but for the sake of truth and of his state as a whole?