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Mini-series"Inhabitants of the oceans" offers all viewers to plunge into the depths of the world's marine space, in order to find out what species live there, where the common man does not get. Together with the brave divers and operators, everyone will learn the secrets of the deep sea, get acquainted with exotic species of marine flora and fauna, and will be able to learn a lot of secrets previously hidden from the eyes of a simple man in the street.It is worth noting the quality of documentary shooting and the fact that this film project highlights only the most reliable and proven facts about the life of underwater inhabitants. The creators and Directors of the film show moments from the life of ocean and marine predators, their potential victims and plants. The close relationship between all participants in the illuminated ecosystem has enabled humanity to enjoy the fruits of marine nature for centuries.Also, we will talk about the most dangerous areas of the planet, where the most brutal predators live. Will be demonstrated and the most picturesque seascapes, which every year attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Make yourself comfortable, you will find a fascinating journey with pleasant music and experienced storytellers.

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