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Original Title: Kirgin Çiçekler
Language: English
Description: The narrative begins with an introduction to the audience with the main character - a sort of "bad guy", working in the Los Angeles Police. The protagonist 1 "Shield" series of the season is not a corrupt cop or some desperate criminal, but his lifestyle is hardly worthy of imitation. However, because the hero himself is only the first few episodes. Over time, his character is revealed and viewers realize that his cruelty is justified by external factors. Every day, a brutal police risked their lives for the sake of the inhabitants of the metropolis. And if at first he did not try to cross the line of the law, having worked for a minister of the order of a few years, Vic realized that in order to fulfill the goals can come at quite a slippery slope. The more that the fight against crime, her own ways - the most effective method. That's only if he does not wallow in that "dirt", which became a spin? whether man will be able to save a human face?

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