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Original Title: Kiznaiver
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TBS
Description: Innovative technology is changing the life of humanity every day. Scientists are doing everything possible to people's life has become much easier. Kizuna flawed system occupies a dominant place in the innovation world. The man began to implant chips that help people with injuries. However, this help a bit questionable, because when people are getting injured with identical chips are exactly the same injury. On assurance of leading scientists, such chips will help people to be on the same level. So humanity is trying to erase the boundary between the rich and poor, between social strata. The plot of the anime takes us to a town called Sugomori City. This place is dying, because people who previously lived there, gradually leaving the city, they are killed under mysterious circumstances. The protagonist Noriko Sonozaki tells his friend Kutsuhire Agatha that he is going to work thereby kiznayverom, who will wear a chip under his skin. The youth will be linked to the chip with your buddies. There is only one problem, which is not satisfied with the main character and his friend - each student is dangerous and terribly unusual way of life!

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