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Original Title: Kottan Ermittelt
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Creators: Helmut Zenker
Description: O'Brien did not like the chorus of a close-knit family. On the contrary, grown-up children have left for the world, the former wife of a long time ago in a divorce ... But once Mike - an architect and urban planner - and his wife raised five children and have been quite happy, and with their own brothers, a man got on. But that all changed when the head of the family decided to build a kind of memorial to the bay on the shores of the Chesapeake. These lands belonged to the ancestors of O'Brien and Mick wanted to honor their memory with his new project. One problem: our hero has always been distinguished by excessive diligence and workaholism. He gave the work too much time, passion, and strength, and there was nothing left in the family. First soured relations with his brothers, and then his wife refused to tolerate the indifference and perpetual absences of her husband. She's gone, but Mick is not allowed to take the children, sending them to the grandmother upbringing - his mother named Nell.

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