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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Romance
Korean drama with intricate plot and tragic ending from the Director, Kim Jin Min. Starring Oh Yeon-su, Lee Dong-UK.What would happen if the inner demons were released? As a rule, nothing good, but even the realization of this simple truth does not lead our heroes to understand what they are doing wrong. Forty-year-old couple faces a crisis in the relationship. He-successful and secured – gets a young mistress, literally buying a strong and beautiful body for money. She from despair with head catches in novel with a young neighbor, which attracts its not yet faded beauty and maturity. Would have continued this strange relationship, when the family had only the appearance for the neighbors if not for one situation, which radically changed their lives. Once on some secular evening the young mistress of the husband by will of fate faces the lawful wife of the"sugar daddy" and her handsome lover. Young people immediately understand that a spark has slipped between them and begin to secretly meet, so as not to lose money and the connection of their protégé. However, the girl soon begins to irritate the old and ugly lover, because of what she begins to make scandals and constantly provokes the latter to be rude. Eventually, it ends in suicide. No, not a young fool, not a deceived wife or an elderly rich man, but the very guy who was between two fires and out of despair preferred to stop this farce. The police, investigating the fact of his death, discovers both his connections and begins to understand that the case is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

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