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The action of the animated series Legion of Superheroes season 2 takes place in our distant future. In the yard for the thirtieth century, but the battle with the insidious opponents who are still trying to take over the world and enslave humanity, still ongoing. At the same time, enemies are becoming more powerful, develop unique abilities, use magic spells, innovative technologies and other inventions. To confront them is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, over the planet once again threatened with. Dark forces are preparing for a global invasion of Earth, but because the guys realize that they themselves can not cope.

Despite the fact h in a specially designed team are pretty legendary personality, who possess masculine characters, never stop in the face of danger and ready to overcome any difficulties, without the support of Superman, they will have pretty hard. Because the defenders are going to go back in time and find the hero there to convince him to join the team of defenders. However, something happens during the trip, and the guys are not at the time, what was originally planned. Superman here is still too young and e has any experience of dealing with the dark forces.

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