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  • Drama
Leonardo was not immediately famous for his unique masterpieces, which are now known in every corner of our vast planet. While he is still quite small and is an ordinary child, on the mind of which only pranks and leprosy. The action takes place at the end of the fifteenth century and even at that time the guys knew how to entertain themselves free from the instructions of their parents time. Leonardo is quite popular among his friends and yard boys. Everyone knows him as a boy incredibly inventive and able to surprise everyone with their own fantasies, the boundaries of which simply do not exist.Leonardo has several bosom buddies who follow him everywhere, ready at any time to embark on another adventurous venture. In addition, they know that it is with their friend without interesting ideas will not stay. Just not without Leonardo and blood enemies, even at this age. For the most part – it's the kids of the local rich. They envy the ingenuity of a simple boy and constantly manage to stand in his way, coming up with small mischief. Just not in the habits of Leonardo to be depressed. He will always give a fitting rebuff to the enemy.

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