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The young rascal child child lives with his friends in a small coastal village near Calais, in the Land of Sticks. Actually rarely something exciting happening in the village, except for Child and his gang consisting of Eve, Kevin and Jordan, hedges again something out. The changes one day when found at the carcass of a cow menschlichs blood and a short time later a mutilated body shows up. Commissioner Van der Weyden and his helpers Carpentier suspected child child and his gang rascals, because the were spotted not far from the crime scene. In the following analysis, the two policemen and the children are brought to several challenges.    Main characters of Child    Child (Alane Delhaye) is a typical Lausbub. He just mischief, which he likes cooking up together with his friends Eve, Kevin and Jordan. With Eve Child shares a particularly deep connection: she is his grand amour, his great love.    Eve (Lucy Caron) to child child Racker gang joined. She looks up at him and keeps him when it counts. She is the daughter of a farmer.    Van der Weyden (Bernard Pruvost) is Commissioner at the French police and must solve the mystery of some murder cases in the small coastal village. At first he suspected child child and his friends and tried to put them.    Carpentier (Philippe Jore) is Van der Weyden's little helper to assist him in the investigation. He needs to learn a lot yourself.

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