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Another great work of the air force channel, where no frame exists by itself, each carries a meaning and interesting information. This time David Attenborough invites us to the world of the cold-blooded. How does it feel to live with cold blood?It is customary to attribute a high level of intelligence only to primates, and amphibians and reptiles are completely deprived of it? This is a common misconception. Representatives of this class live on our planet, just think about it, 200 million years! Today they are more than 140,000 species, they are beautiful, graceful and incredibly smart. Mother nature has endowed them with an amazingly powerful instinct of self-preservation. The heroes of the film can fight to the death, or instantly merge with the surrounding landscape. It's not easy to find a more diligent mom than a crocodile. Touching zealous huge size mother life will put in defense of their offspring. We know that swans are not birds of fidelity in the animal world rarely seen inseparable pair, but among the turtles is not uncommon.The presenter will tell that some lizards"signed a contract" with plants that serve as a home and food for these brisk animals. The word toad is an Association nasty, pimply creatures. Meanwhile, many species of tropical frogs are bright and miniature, like fairy flowers.

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