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British popular science documentary mini-series channel BBC, created with the active participation of the famous TV presenter and naturalist David Attenborough. This time the audience is invited to travel to a strange and unfamiliar, but at the same time very hostile to the human world. The most unusual thing is that the focus is not another planet, everything is much easier and we can say that it is located very close to us, or rather – right under our feet. After all, we are talking about the Kingdom of insects, striking in its dissimilarity, as well as the scale and diversity, which is in constant motion and does not fade for a second. It is worth noting that the population density of our often invisible"neighbors" is more than impressive, because one human species accounts for about two hundred million insects. Such significant figures allow us to talk about the whole universe, where a huge number of species are trying to coexist, and their behavior is no less meaningful than the larger animals. Moreover, it is thanks to the existence of this microcosm that all planetary ecosystems function properly, providing the necessary living conditions for other inhabitants of the Earth. And now, thanks to innovative inventions in the field of macro photography, we have a unique opportunity to really get acquainted with the representatives of such a tiny community.

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