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Original Title: Looking Up At The Half-Moon
Description: A talented doctor after the crucial events in his life managed to get used to a new life filled with rich and generous patients. On the tragic episodes of the past, he does not remember any more. Now Dr. ambulance runs in the prestigious medical center on a daily basis to save with his non-replaceable assistants dozens of lives. Respectable number of his clients is constantly increasing. Communication with the elite of New York Hank opened the way to the big money, and plunged into the mystery of the authorities. It keeps secrets, as the health and the families of their famous patients. Season 5 "Dear Doctor" tells stories about the rich fresh upscale neighborhood, their ailments, invented illnesses and personal secrets. Hank's a new twist of fate, have successfully adapted to the specifics of the work begins with a visit to a luxury apartment once a certain person ...

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