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Original Title: Loonatics Unleashed
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
Channel: The WB
Language: English
Description: Condion the great and the good-natured ruler, who is very much in love with the charming and pretty girl by the name of Duncan. Without thinking twice, being fully confident in her feelings for her lover and that she also selflessly loves him and is devoted to him, the ruler gives her the crown and sits beside him on the throne. However, not everyone is happy with this decision. The people sincerely believe in the kindness and honesty of a simple Duncan girl, but she does not suit politicians and the elite of the country. And as in the hands of the Governor, not all and many are manipulated exactly rich, after seven days the girl is deprived of her crown. Moreover, to Congona not be tempted again to see her, spend time and make plans about how to make her equal to himself, they cast Duncan, sending her to live high in the mountains. Every evening, Chunjon goes out to look at these mountains and when the girl heard rumors about his habit, she began to hang out her red skirt on the open slope as a sign that everything is good with her and the ruler has nothing to worry about.

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