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Original Title: Lost in Oz
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Family
Channel: Amazon
Language: English
Description: TV series" the Deuce "by David Simon, author of the legendary" Wiretapping", takes viewers to new York in the seventies. It was at this time in the United States is born porn industry, which annually brings billions of dollars.rnrnFrankie and Vincent Martino are twins trying to survive in a big city. Vincent works in a bar, and Frankie is a loser who constantly owes big sums to bookies. By chance, Vincent begins to work with prostitutes, and later, with the support of the local mafia, organizes the first brothel in the heart of new York. Frankie begins to help his brother, doing small errands and settling the problems.rnrnProstitute Eileen, nicknamed "candy", gets tired of working on dangerous streets where customers can not pay, and even leave a black eye, so the enterprising girl is fed into porn Actresses to earn more money and feed her family. Aileen meets Harvey, the Director of "strawberries", and after a while becomes his leading actress. It turns out that the girl has a great vision of the frame, and her creative vein is constantly making useful adjustments on the set. Over time, Eileen realizes that she wants something more, and tries himself as a porn Director. Meanwhile, the sex industry is interested in punchy journalist Sandra Washington, who wants to prepare a great material for one of the Central Newspapers.rn"Deuce" is a series that shows the most realistic stories of ordinary people trying to find themselves in the rapid maelstrom of life. A former crime reporter David Simon, the author of the resonance of the materials of investigation about the life of Baltimore native, skillfully brings to the small screen the life of the streets and their inhabitants, demonstrating in great detail the emergence of a new industry.

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