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The protagonist of the television series"Love me if you dare" works as a professional psychologist. He is well versed in the emotional experiences of other people, but the Bo is completely devoid of any emotion.In his medical practice, he has all the support of Jian Yao, who shares the chef's love for fishing and cooking. She perfectly knows English and notices any human problems. Two professionals have a successful practice and do not know the hassle as long as they do not undertake the investigation of particularly complicated police cases. Law enforcement officers really need the help of a qualified psychologist, because in most cases they can not understand what further step the criminals will take.Life goes on as usual until Bo Jin makes an enemy in the face of a quirky intruder. He has long been tired of the fact that the police can not catch him (boring, you see, always go unpunished). To satisfy his own ambitions, the criminal decides to include a psychologist and his relatives in his murders. From now on, Mr. Jing will have to show all his ingenuity in order to protect dear people from the insidious plans of a maniac.

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