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Original Title: MacGyver
Channel: ABC
Creators: Lee David Zlotoff
Language: English
Description: What did not have to go through in the past episodes of the brave adventurer McGuire. He and the terrorists have been held hostage, and the machine from scrap wire was making, and ancient temples with archaeological expedition rushed, and even a nuclear warhead with a paper clip was secured. Such a person is definitely not lost anywhere. Although in each episode the hero of the TV series "Secret agent McGuire" as if verifies the truth of this statement, looking for a variety of tests. But forward it is not greed for money or fame, and noble purpose – to help people in distress. But for many of his missions, especially very dangerous, he does not forget to take a fee – after all, his life is at risk. In season 7, we are waiting for another portion of the mind-blowing adventures of a fearless hero. The first series in its style will remind sustained in the detective atmosphere of English films. McGuire will have to look for a criminal who decided to steal a helicopter from a military hangar. But this is only the beginning, followed by a series of other mysterious events…

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