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Original Title: Mad Dogs
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: Sky One
Creators: Cris Cole
Language: English
Description: To the delight of fans Space season 2 download is ready for the screens! The first season has gained so many loyal fans who are confident that this project — the most worthwhile of all, filmed in recent years, that would not extend the series would be just cruel to them. Especially because the first season ended on a cliffhanger and just wanted more!the Space detectivesthe Time of development of the action of the series was the distant future, but the whole boundless universe, successfully adapted by mankind. The main characters - not just astronauts, and detectives investigating the most complex and dangerous crimes committed in the vast galaxy. Often these crimes are so large that their timely disclosure depends on the fate of the entire Earth, and sometimes the entire universe. Viewers of the first season already familiar with the main characters, detective Joseph Miller and captain Jim Holden, who has revealed not one large conspiracy and prevent a variety of ills that threaten humanity and the world. Detective does not seek high ranks and awards, he just does his job because otherwise can not live.the Plot of the second season it Should be expected that the second season will bring even more exciting adventures, incredible mysteries and space investigations. Many mysteries of the universe remained unsolved in the first season, some will be added in the second. The main characters will remain the same detective Miller and captain Holden, but will be added and new actors, acquaintance with which should be expected in the first series of the new season. There is no doubt that the creators will not stint either an interesting story or exciting special effects, scenery and computer graphics.

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