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Original Title: Mafiosa
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Canal+
Creators: Hugues Pagan
Description: The plot of the television series is based on the eponymous book by the famous American writer Gillian Flynn, whose last novel "Disappeared", filmed by David Fincher, made a lot of noise in literary circles.rnrnCamille Pricer was born and raised in a small town where all each other well know. As a child, she is experiencing psychological shock, when her eyes dies a little sister. Not recovering from this shocking event, Camilla begins to inflict cuts and injuries, feeling guilty for the death of the baby. Grown-up Prices went from Missouri to Chicago where he found work as a reporter for a local newspaper. The burden of the past will not let her, and she starts to take handfuls of pills and abusing alcohol. In the end, Camilla gets into a psychiatric hospital, but after the end of rehabilitation comes out with the firm intention to start all over again.rnin the editorial office, the journalist learns that she is sent to her native wind Gap to write a series of articles about the disappearance of young girls. Camille does not feel any joy from the upcoming trip, because she will again have to meet with the family with whom she prefers not to communicate. Her mother Adora, hiding her emotions behind a mask of indifference, is actually a very strict and demanding woman. Another sister Emma is trying her best to be the perfect daughter, and stepfather – around to please the powerful wife.rnrnPrices plans quickly to do their job and leave, but gradually dipped in an unhurried provincial life. When a journalistic investigation turns into a real nightmare, Camille realizes that it will not be easy to get out of here.

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