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Channel: AT-X
Creators: Wataru Watanabe
Description: In the third part of the comedy "The Mindy Project" Season 3 viewers can re-watch the ups and downs in the life of the main character Mindy Lacher, who works at a large clinic gynecologist-obstetrician. She has a very difficult character and in every situation prefers to have the last word always turned out for her. Impermanence, carelessness and love of fun often lead to absurd situations and spoil the reputation of the girl. Because of this, Mindy is very unlucky in his personal life - Cavaliers potential witness her uproars and obscene remarks and in a hurry to break with it any kind of relationship. Despite this, the eccentric main character does not lose heart and continue to dream of a big love - she is even willing to completely change if her life will meet a decent man. But having met a new beau, the situation is again repeated in a circle.

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