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Original Title: Marco Polo
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Netflix
Creators: John Fusco
Language: English
Description: In the series"Marco Polo" the viewer is given a unique opportunity to go on a journey with the great Italian Explorer. Marco has traveled many times and knows a lot about it. He is a brave and courageous man, and he does not know the feeling of fear. Still, after all, this should be a real researcher. Marco loves to explore the world, to get acquainted with the people and their customs. He wants to know more than the average person. He is attracted to distant countries in which he has not yet been. Marco is not one of those who sit still and love a quiet life, travel and research-that's his life!At this time, the great traveler sent to China in the 13th century. The country has developed rapidly, and strangers are not loved. To foreigners, the country was cruel and did not spare them. It was in this unfriendly country and went Marco Polo. He was not stopped by the hostile Chinese people and ignorance of their language. Marco was born a researcher and was able to negotiate with different people. Now in China, the traveler will have to find an approach to the locals and to win them over, otherwise their hostility will do its job. Throughout the series, the audience will have to worry about the fate of the famous seafarer.

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