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Original Title: Marco Polo
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Netflix
Creators: John Fusco
Language: English
Description: Grimm season 6 download nick Burhardt's Normal life ends when a detective from Portland begins to be a vision. In a decent businessman, he sees a monster. Flashes of insight or, as the hero thinks, hallucinations occur more often – he sees zombies, werewolves and witches everywhere. He thinks about the treatment of the psyche, but the arrival of a cancer-stricken aunt, with an Arsenal of medieval weapons, changes everything. A relative who raised him at the age of 13 tells her nephew that crazy images are a gift. He is the next Grimm-monster hunter, designed to maintain a balance between humanity and mythological creatures.No choice this is a dangerous path, but there is no choice. For centuries, his ancestors carried the cross and passed it along with books, diaries inherited. Now calling the curse falls on nick, one of the last Grimm. He accepts duties of the elite Profiler capable to distinguish true animal breed in people. Legendary villains from children's horror stories are forced to re – read fairy tales-200 years his family is studying their opponents, under the General name of Wessen. At the same time, the hunter tries to protect his beloved Juliet and Hank's partner from the dangers of a new life. Help your neighbor< h2>with the help of approximate, transformed grimms, he helps those who are close to him and fights the ancient evil. His potential and ability to unfold with each battle. He evolves and reaches the physical level of his supernatural enemies, but his inner strength is exhausted. The hero reunites with his mother, who was considered dead for 20 years, and learns her story. Now Nick must protect citizens from Black claw, find new ways, to sow fear in pack of mutated creatures.

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