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Original Title: Marseille
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Florent-Emilio Siri,Dan Franck
Description: Over the long twenty years of work in the honorary post of mayor of Marseille, Robert Tarot truly imbued with the beauty and splendor of the ancient port city. Feeling that the years are taking their toll, Taro is going to leave his post and pass the vacant seat to Lucas Bares, Deputy mayor and his protégé, who is his indispensable assistant for the last ten years. As a chic farewell gift to the beloved city, as well as in order to attract the attention of potential investors, the respected mayor oversees an ambitious project for the construction of a luxurious casino in the port area.Unexpectedly for Mr. Taro, his protégé strongly opposes the construction, and also nominates his candidacy in the upcoming elections of the head of the city. Unable to believe in the betrayal of the one whom he had long raised as his own son, Robert decides to find out the true motives of a very strange behavior of his ward, as well as to compete with him in the elections. Soon it turns out that the true causes of what is happening are drawn from the distant past of the Tarot and originate from the events of forty years ago, which the influential mayor completely forgot…

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