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Peter Parker is a nerd and a loser, the object of regular taunts for bullies and bullies. His life is changed by an accident: during a school tour of the company Osborne industries Peter bites one of the test subjects-genetically modified spider. After that, the young man finds amazing opportunities, such as the ability to stick to the walls and ceilings, increased strength, endurance, heightened feelings and reaction. Peter decides to use the acquired power for good: he creates a suit, as well as special devices for the release of sticky matter, like a web, and in the image of a superhero spider-Man is sent to protect his hometown from the villains.throughout the year, Parker has made some progress: the evil geniuses and robbers of new York have ceased to feel unpunished. But spider-Man still not found a perfect authority, but Peter himself feels he is not respected hero. In society, there are enough those who treat the Spider with caution, and outright detractors, such as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bug Jona jameson, and strive to criticize the self-taught hero.rn< p>Fate presents the guy with a chance to radically change his life when the head of the secret Agency S. H. I. E. L. D. Nick fury unexpectedly visits him. He makes Parker an offer couldn't refuse: to undergo training to improve hero skills and prove to the people of new York and later around the world that the nickname "the Perfect spider-Man" – not an empty sound.rn

Partners and part-time mentors Peter be: strong man with bulletproof skin: Luke cage Spider-man will try not to lose face and show fury that he is worthy to fight side by side with cage and the company.meanwhile, the wily minds are awake. Industrial tycoon Norman Osborne opens the hunt for a Spider in order to get his modified DNA and create on its basis an army of "spider soldiers". Osborne hopes that the US government will be interested in his project, and he will be enriched by selling a patent for the use of soldiers with unusual achieve the goal, Norman resorts to radical methods: he hires Dr. Octopus and other supervillains to catch spider-Man. But Osborne doesn't expect that the young hero has support in the person of nick fury and group of superagents "S. H. I. E. L. D.".rn

Animated series "perfect spider-Man" gives you the opportunity to watch online the formation of one of the greatest comic book heroes of all time…