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Original Title: MasterChef Junior
Channel: La 1
Description: When Garvey noisy family first arrived on the territory of the Spanish town of Benidorm, one of the characters and could not imagine that this is where they come to rest in the summer of each year. But with this place they are now connects a lot - here Chantelle gave birth to a child, like to come here baby Michael, not to mention the fact that this is where Madge met her true love ... three times. And the head of the family Mick and his wife Janice spent here the best months of their marriage. The new series will present each of the heroes of many new surprises. It turned out that Madge somebody hunts. Tiger Dyke rob his assistant. Mateo will have a constant girl - the sister of Terry Clive, who arrives in the "Solana" for the first time. Joyce reveals the secret of "business" Kenneth, who, as it turns out, in addition to hair provides its services to clients and a different kind. Problems will bypass only Donald and Jacqueline - fun swingers, who in the first series will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their wedding!

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