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In a fascinating series, called Max. Majolica, brave heroes face new and exciting adventures, full of unexpected, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous turns. It all starts with the fact that over the world there is a terrible threat. Only three witch rats set out to seize power in their own hands and become the most powerful, indestructible and all-powerful. To achieve their goals, they decided to use the Moon Crystal. This stone has incredible power. It is he who can lead to the fact that there will be a complete lunar Eclipse.

At this moment comes the power of the master of Shadows who will take advantage of a convenient situation to commit their mischief. Only illiterate witches do not know that because of their tricks can easily come eternal darkness. Constantly fighting with the master of Shadows Star Sorceress, constantly trying to prevent his insidious plans. Only without the help of her faithful brother is quite difficult. Only he could stop the haze using a solar Crystal. Only no one knows where the brave brother of the sorceress has gone. Then she turns to max for help, hoping that he will be able to find the fragments of the crystal.

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