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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
An action-Packed five-part British drama directed by Brian Welsh, which tells about the strange and frightening events that shocked the inhabitants of the small town of Stowild, characterized by silence and regularity of life of its population. The first day of may is the date of a tragic accident-the mysterious disappearance of a high school girl, who plays a crucial role Of"Queen of May" in the annual spring celebrations. And now, cute, nice and friendly people living in Stouville, begin to suspect each in the Commission of a terrible crime, shocked that the offense might the handiwork of your neighbor, friend or relative. After all, upon closer acquaintance, there is a strong feeling that the inhabitants of the idyllic town are not perfect, they are full of their own dark secrets and serious contradictions, hidden desires, as well as numerous prejudices. The investigation begins, which quickly identifies a circle of potential suspects. However, to prove the involvement of any of them in the disappearance of the girl is extremely difficult. At the same time, the city is plunged into a disturbing and paranoid atmosphere of General suspicion, as well as the firm determination of individuals to Lynch the attacker as soon as he is found.