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Documentary, scientific educational film from the American Director and screenwriter bill Ivanica.Thanks to the advanced capabilities of computer graphics and historical facts, the viewer will have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the amazing atmosphere of the prehistoric period. The film tells in some detail about the various giant creatures, about how they lived and behaved throughout his life. And what would happen to our universe and civilization if the monsters did not cease to exist? A giant bird-like creature is able to swallow cattle in an instant, and its powerful beak could easily pierce the skull of a potential victim. Mosasaur with a disgusting character, with six-foot jaws and extra teeth, your diet prefer to dilute shark meat. Spinosaurus, exceeding in size most bloodthirsty and giant t-Rex, a bit like your physical structure is a modern Nile crocodile. Also, the creators of this exciting project will introduce you to a creature that lives in the Northern regions, which is half a cat and half a bear. The most venomous inhabitant of the ancient territories was considered megalania, from the teeth of which oozed deadly poison. For each batch of animals struggling to survive, demonstrate the wonders of agility, stamina and incredible physical strength, the likes of which never was and never will be.

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