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Original Title: Millennium
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: FOX
Creators: Chris Carter
Language: English
Description: The events of the series take viewers to the distant 1916. It was then that the government of England has made a huge number of mistakes in domestic policy. This was the reason that there were radical opposition forces, their goal-to achieve independence for Ireland. This movement is led by Patrick pierce and James Connolly. Their plans are a real uprising, and they begin to gather people and stock up on the necessary resources. Fight against a huge Empire will be very hard, but it does not stop the brave. Moreover, they have a huge support from the people who like the ideas proposed by the guys. And most importantly, they themselves are committed to the ideals that declare, and it gives hope for victory in the fight against the forces of England. Will they be able to raise a real rebellion? Whether to support their people who are already tired of everything to obey the British? And will they be able to win this fight?

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