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Events unfold in Stockholm in the first half of the twentieth century. Dagmar Freeman is a defender of women's freedoms. She arrives in Stockholm at home brother Axel hoping to find a property that remains of the Pope. Axel does not support the sister thought and thinks that women should devote themselves to housework and children, his wife, Lottie. Dagmar subsequently scandal with Axel no inheritance will move into the house, boarding house, where she gets a new acquaintance with Kinnoy. Together with like-minded Dagmar and Kinna wish to create a trading point with the food, which will be managed in women only. Their main task - to eliminate substandard products and freedom of women. Their idea is facing strong resistance other shopkeepers and the public on the existing rules and orders of men. However, they will survive! Not all battles are bloody and cruel. "War froken Freeman" - a social drama, which consists of three parts. Serial film was broadcasted in Sweden during the Christmas holidays in the thirteenth year and has gained recognition beyond that once lasted. The film is based on the product of Monica Björk and Eva Kaysers, which is written by a true story.

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