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By an incredible coincidence, the young Parisian psychologist Jeanne gets a chance to participate in the mission to land the first people on Mars. Having accepted the offer and passed the training, she was on Board a spaceship equipped with the latest technology, as part of a French expedition of several scientists, experts in different fields, and wished to take part in the flight of the investor who sponsored the entire project. But on approach to the purpose the crew receives the strange message from astronauts of the American ship which overtook French and landed on the red planet. It's hard to believe, but the Americans secretly from around the world were able to create a powerful thermonuclear engine and a spaceship that can quickly get to Mars. That's just their transport crashed when landing, having to send a mysterious message to the air, and now the crew of Jeanne needs to find the crash site and further engage in a rescue mission. Search for survivors turns into a confusing puzzle for the French astronauts: they found a man in a spacesuit is not the one they expected to see. Yes, even after landing, the characters discover an unusual structure of artificial origin.

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