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Original Title: Modern Farmer
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: SBS
Description: Not gods pots decided four friends, when I went to the countryside to raise the South Korean agriculture. But how well it all began. Lee Min Ki childhood characterized by the ability of music. His talent has found its fulfillment in rock music. Downey with his friend, menie talented drummer Han Ki Chkunom they decided to create a rock band. No sooner said than done. The leader and vocalist has, drums there. It remains to find two more participants and you can conquer the musical Everest. The fact that he won friends believe. Who found quickly, Yu Han Chol - a virtuoso bass guitar, Kang Hyuk -A great keyboardist, though not a lot, and tsenichen. But something went wrong as it was intended, the group chased one failure after another. Leaving attempt to win the hearts of fans of rock music, the friends decide to radically change the type of activity. According to them the work fermirami quite acceptable and promising. And the cheerful company sent to the vastness of the South Korean fields, Determined to win the fight for the harvest. But the reality was much harsher assumptions. And from where can know city dwellers, what the farmer's labor. But the guys were not timid retreat in face of difficulties, they do not intend to. With renewed vigor and adventurism former rock musicians begin to develop a new way of life. Taken for granted that unknowingly guys and then get into different situations, causing the audience laugh, and the locals are somewhat different emotions. How are the guys to get out of the curiosities, if they can get used to the country life? Perhaps in farming they have more luck ...

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