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  • Crime
Before us is a serial psychological Thriller, telling the audience about the fate of a Swedish woman named Inger Johanna Vic. Now the main character of the series "Modus" works as a psychologist, although the past it is quite entertaining-a few years the woman worked in the FBI, where she left to pay all their attention to Hobbies and family. Now she could again devote herself to the work her daughter has grown up, desired books she had published. But Christmas is coming, so Inger decides to spend the holiday with her daughters Linnea and Steina, and only then seriously think about returning to the FBI. Shortly before Christmas, the heroine's daughter Stina witnesses a terrible murder, which finally "breaks" the psyche of a girl suffering from autism. The shocked girl after what she saw only closes in herself even more, without telling anyone about the murder. But, unfortunately for the poor thing, next to the crime scene, she is noticed by the same killer, the crime of which she saw. Now the criminal is interested in" removing " Linnea, who became an undesirable witness for him. At this point, the girl's mother meets a man named Ingvar, who works at the National Bureau of investigation. After learning about the past of a new friend and realizing how rich the baggage of knowledge behind Inger, he invites her to return to the police...

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