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northern Norway. Dark and very atmospheric area, full of silence and thoughtfulness, suddenly shudders from the monstrous murder committed by the unknown. After that, people discover a very unpleasant surprise in the form of mass graves. The bodies belong to the victims who went missing some time ago. It seems very complicated and certainly extraordinary. Therefore, the crime scene sent a detective named Joel Dreyer, who leaves the southern capital, in order to investigate the mysterious case. The man gets a partner named Hedda, who is a female officer from the local police Department. The couple have a completely different approach to life, excellent views and style of work. Different methods immediately put everything in its place in their joint work and oppose the two police officers. Begins an investigation, which in the future all of a sudden, but expected, is getting out of control. Then both cops make questionable decisions to protect themselves, their secrets and not lose the case. Will they be able to reveal a complicated case in such an environment of distrust and secrets?

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