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Sometimes being among a large number of native people you can feel lonely and not receive the support that you would like to have. Perhaps these feelings are familiar to a boy named Martin moon, the protagonist of the series. Together with his parents, brothers and sisters, he lives in a small town in Ireland. Friends of the boy too, but nevertheless he decided to invent an imaginary friend named Sean. Can be hero thus found easy way to, under aid which can be adapt to surrounding world and fight with their fears.
like many other children, Martin has a rich imagination. Once he wants to, as in the head come to life different pictures and drawings. It helps him to live in the world around him. The best assistant for him is an adult friend named Sean. He can come to the rescue in any difficult situation, support, encourage and give advice if necessary. They get along great and always together. Not every child is lucky to have such a loyal friend and mentor, and Martin invented it for himself. With the help of an imaginary Sean hero is much easier to survive in a world of harsh reality.

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