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The German detective series Murder with a view is characterized by its characters, situations and the scenery. These components are not only original but also exude hinterweltlerische sadness and blatant sleepiness. Main setting is the Eifel Nest Hengasch together with its eccentric characters and its own laws. Against this background, the type of tough urban plant unfolds its slanted profile and humorous potential: Not only the residents of Hengasch act strange as hindümpeln in its narrow lanes in front of him, the behavior of the ambitious Cologne superwoman Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters) appears in this place at once as from another planet and not always worth following. The ambitious Detective Chief Commissioner actually expected a promotion to head of the Cologne homicide. Finally, it was but offset to the country and must now take leave with a heavy heart from the big city life. But quickly the green idyll turns out to be murderous land with unexpected pitfalls and dangers.    Main characters of murder with a view    Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters) is an ambitious Commissioner and a real career woman. To achieve their goals, she works hard. When she learns, however, of paramount that her promotion did not work out, world falls apart for Sophie. From then on she has to give up the Cologne city life and move to the country with her father, because she is put in the Eifel city Hengasch.    Dietmar Schäffer (Bjarne Mädel) lives and works as a policeman in Hengasch. Here he feels comfortable. Not least because he can pursue his favorite hobby at length by sliding winning ball. As long as Dietmar can take its closing time to complete on time, for him is right with the world. A work stoppage, with which he brings Sophie quickly up the wall.    Bärbel Schmied (Meike Droste) is also an integral part of police Hengasch. Although it is not so much to go on active duty, but it turns out regularly as loyal soul of the police station. Sophie is Bärbel quickly builds a good rapport. After all, she knows many of the people, traditions and idiosyncrasies of Hengasch better than the new from the big city.    Heike Schäffer (Petra Kleinert) is the wife of Dietmar and definitely the dominant entity in marriage. But not only takes home Heike roles in controlling position. Also in the village life she leads the Landfrauenverband committed and knows how to make use of this power position. Secretly her is every resident of Hengasch feet.    Irmtraud Schaffer (Carmen-Maja Antoni) is the mother of Dietmar and originally lived in the neighboring town of Hengasch. As their old apartment but a devastating fire fell victim, had to act quickly. Since then Irmtraud lives with her son and his wife, although the enthusiasm of the two on the presence of the most caring women is limited.    January Schulte (Johann von Bülow) returns to his homeland after 20 years of abstinence. The last two decades he traveled around the world, has met countless people and foreign cultures. Now he sees his time had come to deal with the roots of his family. In addition, in January even thinks it to run for mayor of Hengasch.    Hans Zielonka (Michael Hanemann) was his entire life on the road as a policeman on active duty. Since he is retired but he has turned into a choleric and grumpy man who is only on complain. Unintentionally he interferes in the determination of his former colleagues - without, however, make too many friends.    Background information on murder with a view    Murder with a view celebrated on January 7, 2008 The first premiered. The idea comes from the head of screenwriter Marie Reiners. Although the series initially received only limited encouragement, the management decided in ARD to supercharge the format with a better time slot. The bill actually went on and murder with a view promoted in 2012 to the most-watched series in Germany after the nun humor for heaven's sake. The music of the series was written by Andreas Schilling. Murder was filmed with a view mainly in Kallmuth in the Eifel and the borough song mountain of cherry Broich. For cost reasons, was later to dispense with complex exceptions and resorted to archive material. (MH)

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