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In the first part of the criminal television series, when we first met the charming Choi Yeon Jin, we learned that the heroine works in the police. It is obvious that such a profession is not easy for her, because among other things, a woman should have time to raise her little daughter, who is waiting for her mother every day at home, and this is almost two different jobs. But the iron character of the heroine of the series "Ms. COP," contributes to the fact that it copes with all the difficulties. The events of the previous part had a significant impact on the life of Choi-Young. To recover, she is forced to take a vacation to understand whether she should continue to engage in law enforcement. At this very moment in its Department there is a newcomer – the woman detective who cooperated with the American FBI earlier. No less attractive Go-Yun John is filled with enthusiasm for the new position. From this season 2 becomes even more spectacular and interesting, because it all comes down to the fact that before our eyes will unfold the confrontation between the two heroines, each of which is ready to fight for his place in the police…

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