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In a small fairy-tale country there is a nice village in which Mutsi lives with his parents. Charming kitten recently was born and he is interested in every surrounding object that he sees. Every day is full of adventures, because he tirelessly discovers something new, interesting and even useful. Mutsi is incredibly inquisitive. To sit in one place it's very hard. And how can all the time to be close to a caring mother, when so many questions spinning in a small, fluffy head, which urgently need to find answers.And much more interesting and fun to learn about everything on their own, experimenting and getting into all sorts of situations, rather than ask adults. After all, they will say that you are still small and you need to wait a little while until you grow up. Little pochemuchka daily ready with his friends to go on an exciting journey. There is still so much unknown interesting, and sometimes even dangerous. But the baby does not lose heart if something does not work. It's growing, getting smarter, learning to read and write, sing funny songs, and, most importantly, learns what true friendship is.

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