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Original Title: My Love Eun Dong
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Romance
Channel: JTBC
Description: Ji Eun Ho is not perfect. The hero is very wary and sometimes very irritable. Eun Ho, among other things, not the actor, who did not find fame and popularity among viewers. However, he managed to find his first love Eun Dong. Ho is now convinced that he can not fall in love with anyone else really. But his real feelings too intricate and complex. For twenty years, the heroes find out the relationship with each other. When Eun Ho finally meets Eun-Don, the man's life changes completely. Now in front of him is not the same girl with whom he was once in love. She grew, changed, became a completely different person. After this, each viewer is obliged to ask the question: "Did you go back to your first love?" Or feeling completely lost in twenty years.

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