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Original Title: My Secret Romance
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: OCN
Description: Continuum (Continuum) – canadian television series with an exciting fantastic story. It plays out colorfully seems to be not a new technique in the cinema-a journey through time. The beginning of the film takes the viewer to the not so distant but dramatic year 2077. The whole world groans in the hands of an oligarchic Alliance that has established a total dictatorship. Oppositionists of different stripes unite in armed groups in order to overthrow the hated regime. As a result of one of the terrorist attacks, thousands of innocent people are killed. Organizers of a monstrous crime managed to be caught-they are sentenced by court to death. But they come to the rescue of the latest technology that allows you to move in time and space.trying to escape punishment, bandits from 2077 escape in 2012. Detective Kira Cameron (actress Rachel Nichols) goes after the criminals in our time. It must find and neutralize terrorists in order to rid the future of the terrible threat. To do this, she gets a job in the police and finds support in the face of a young computer genius. Thanks to his technical know-how Cameron manages to get on the trail of criminals

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