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The 15-year-old student Angela Chase (Claire Danes) is growing up. It changes radically, is typical teen moody, has many new ideas, gather new friends and a lot of new experiences shape her until she finds herself. With her for a pubescent uncontrolled whims she makes her parents and her younger sister's life hell.    The worst, however, that Angela is hopelessly in love with Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto). He's already been seated twice, but also the coolest guy at school, and not just because he plays in a band.    Main characters Angela Chase is a 15 year old student who is in love with the older Jordan Catalano. Your best friends are the gay Rickie and Rayanne haywire. Her nerdy neighbor Brian is one of them. Angela has a younger sister and lives with her and her parents in a middle-class environment. She often feels misunderstood and is considered a loner.    Patricia Chase, called Patty, is Angela's mother. It is at the start of a midlife crisis, and often acts hysterically and indecisive, but loves her family above all else.    Graham Chase is Angela's father, who is much quieter in contrast to the mother. He wants to make a career, which makes for problems between the parents.    Brian is in love with Angela and her neighbor. He is an outsider, insecure and shy.    Rayanna is Angela's funky but unpopular girlfriend who dresses strangely and often lacking in school. She goes constantly celebrate and have drug problems.    Rickie is the Puerto Rican friend of Angela and Rayanna. He is gay. He lives with his uncle who abused him.    Jordan Catalano is a bit silly, but extremely good-looking bad boy at school, is secretly in love with the Angela. He also developed sometime feelings for Angela, the relationship but screwed up.    Welcome backgrounds in life is a teen drama series that ran in the early 1990s on television and Claire Danes and Jared Leto served as a career springboard. Unlike other series at this time, the series does not gloss over the protagonists and settled the environment at a high school in California, but showed the adolescents with problems such as divorce of parents, outsider and drugs.    The series suffered from the strong competition like Friends and was canceled after two seasons shortened 1995th Nevertheless, the series still remains always in the top 50 of serial lists.

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