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Original Title: MythBusters
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Discovery,SBS
Creators: Peter Rees
Language: English
Description: Now that the world is turbulent, the influx of refugees into the first world is taking on frightening proportions. In this regard, many countries limit the border crossing for immigrants. The same policy is followed by the UK, which wants to protect its citizens from possible unrest. When the head office releases new directives on the matter from above, experienced border officer Linda Procter gathers his team for briefing. The new strategy is presented, but it raises many questions. For example, what exactly is considered suspicious up there? Never understand to the end with the wording, the border guards, however, are to commence their duties. Now, not only are they checking Luggage and looking for drugs, but they're also looking at all the weird guys that come off the ramp at Southend airport.

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