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Entertaining plot of the series"Naked and frightened" (Naked and Afraid) will remind the audience about how our ancestors survived. The unique project of the Discovery channel is created to show whether the modern person will be able to survive in conditions where there is no water, no food and even clothes. Naturally, there are no benefits of civilization either. Unfamiliar with each other man and woman sent a remote corner of our planet. Here they will spend 21 days and still survive in any way. They have nothing, just one personal item. They have nowhere to wait for help and will have to rely on themselves.Around wildlife and predators that are for a couple of great danger. A man and a woman will not only take care of their food, but also to escape from wild animals. No one canceled natural selection. They have to use all their skills and abilities to cope with the harsh and serious challenges and survive. How will a modern man, accustomed to all the comforts and benefits of civilization, behave in the wild? Will a couple of people be able to hold out for 3 weeks and survive in difficult conditions? What will they have to do to save their lives?