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Original Title: Naked and Afraid XL
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: The film adaptation of the novel of the same name Natalie Basil finally saw the light in 2016. The main character in both the books and TV series, Charlie Boldero, lives in Los Angeles full life and succeed in business. She owns a great apartment, where she lives with her daughter Mika, and steadily goes up the hill, which is not surprising with her enthusiasm and energetic approach to business. It seems that this enterprising and grasping woman can find her talents even more worthy use In the city of Angels, but the news of her father's death pushes her to a decision that can radically change their fate with Mika. Charlie decides to move to the heart of the southern state of Louisiana, where idle 800 acres of land that she inherited, as well as his father's farm. The whole area is planted with sugar cane. And small family Boldero decides to try his hand at farming. A new life is completely unusual for them, but Charlie is not only ready for the tests, but also open to everything new. And new, as you know, is well-forgotten old.

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